What size cover should I get?

Dricast Waterproof covers are designed to cover casts or other injuries on arms and legs.

There are the following types and sizes to choose from:

  • 4 adult leg sizes
  • 3 adult arm sizes
  • 4 child leg sizes
  • 4 child arm sizes 
  • Hand Cover and Foot Cover (fit both adult and child)

To establish the cover required


  • Arms - measure from the tip of the fingers to the end of the cast or body area to be covered (see example).
  • Legsmeasure from the base of the heel to the end of the cast or body area to be covered. 

If there is a bend in the cast, measure from the fingertips around the outside of the bend to the end of your cast.


For all models, measure the thickest part of your cast (as pictured) and ensure that the cover will go around your cast or injury based on the measurement table below. This will be dependent on your body shape and size. If the circumference measurement of the cover is not greater than the thickest part of your cast, please select from the next sizes up. 

Child Sizings:

An important aspect to note when choosing a child cover is that part of what determines the size of the child range is the opening that seals to the body above the cast.
If a child is around puberty age they could easily have adult length limbs, however depending on stage of development, may still have not yet developed "adult thickness" limbs yet. 
If your child is around this age please choose appropriately and consider the adult sizes.

Choose from the measurements below. (The measurements below refer to the cast size. The covers are slightly bigger than these measurements). 


Adult Leg Sizes    
Adult Leg - Size 1  (AL1) 53cm 50cm
Adult Leg - Size 2  (AL2) 75cm 60cm
Adult Leg - Size 3  (AL3) 85cm 68cm
Adult Leg - Size 4  (AL4) 95cm 68cm
Adult Arm Sizes    
Adult Arm - Size 1  (AA1) 46cm 38cm
Adult Arm - Size 2  (AA2) 55cm 40cm
Adult Arm - Size 3  (AA3) 70cm 42cm
Child Leg Sizes    
Child Leg - Size 1  (CL1) 38cm 40cm
Child Leg - Size 2  (CL2) 44cm 42cm
Child Leg - Size 3  (CL3) 60cm 42cm
Child Leg - Size 4  (CL4) 75cm 60cm
Child Arm Sizes    
Child Arm - Size 1  (CA1) 30cm 32cm
Child Arm - Size 2  (CA2) 45cm 34cm
Child Arm - Size 3  (CA3) 55cm 34cm
Child Arm - Size 4  (CA4) 70cm 42cm
Hand and Foot Sizes    
Hand  (H) 23cm 32cm
Foot    (F) 30cm 30cm