Do we support NZ made?
Absolutely! We firmly believe that NZ should support NZ businesses rather than large overseas interests. Our products were proudly devised and tested in NZ. 100% of the manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution is undertaken in NZ by NZ businesses.

How and when will I receive my Dricast cover?
Shipping is via Fastway Couriers. This is included in the cost for all NZ orders. For most non rural areas it should reach you within 1-2 business days. Rural can take a bit longer (this is a Fastway Couriers process). Overseas orders are also couriered. An additional flat fee is added on checkout for shipping overseas.

How long can I use the Dricast cover for?
It is recommended that you only use your cover for approx. 15-20 minutes at a time. Any longer and potentially condensation from use/sweat could build up and cause dampness and negate the purpose of the cover.
Longevity – Overall your Dricast cover if used and stored correctly will last several years. Being natural latex rubber it will breakdown naturally over time particularly if exposed to light sources.

Will ACC or my health insurance pay for reimburse my cover?
If your cast or injury was the result of an accident and ACC is covering your treatment, then in most cases ACC could also cover your Dricast cover. You will however need to ask your ACC case manager and they will provide you with the process for doing so. 

How water resistant is my Dricast cover?
Your Dricast Cover is totally waterproof if used correctly and the fitting instructions are followed. Because of its patented seal, water cannot penetrate into the cover and will keep your cast, bandage or wound completely dry.

What activities does the Dricast cover allow me to undertake?
You can bathe, shower, swim or undertake hydrotherapy to aid in rehabilitation.

How durable is my Dricast cover?
If used properly and the fitting instructions are followed it is durable enough to be used in almost all indoor situations.
The arm model can also easily be used in outdoor situations. However extreme care should be taken with the leg covers in outdoor situations to not walk on them. Walking on the cover could cause the cover to puncture. The leg models are recommended more for outdoor pool use (fit at the pool edge) as opposed to in the ocean where you will be required to walk on a sandy/rocky base that could easily puncture the cover.

What if I have a problem or a question?
Phone us on + 64 274 954 758 between 9am - 5 pm Mon to Fri NZST. We will be happy to offer assistance. If you call outside of office hours please leave a message and we guarantee to return your call.