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Thank you for your prompt delivery of the dricast cover for our son just in time for our holiday. What a fantastic product! We have more than had our money's worth out of it. Our 5 year old son LOVES the water so was very upset when he was told he wouldn't be able to swim, with a compound fracture a waterproof cast wasn't an option for him. The dricast was a holiday saver! He spent everyday in the pool and at the beach and not once did it leak and he never complained of it being uncomfortable, the only issue we had was getting him out of the water! It has also made showering so much easier without have to muck around with plastic bags and tape. I thought you might like to see a photo of the dricast in action so have attached a photo of my son swimming. Thanks again
Karlena Best
THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH for the Dricast. It was wonderful. We went on holiday to Fiji, and our boy was able to swim, and his arm cast was no bother at all. We were NOT impressed with how much the staff at the Hospital know about the Dricast, which was nothing at all, Even your poster on the wall they doubted whether kids could really swim with it on. And there was NOTHING about Dricast in the children's ward, where it would have been really helpful to have found out about it right at the beginning, rather than at the fracture clinic 2 weeks later. I would strongly recommend that you send heaps more publicity to the Hospital, and ask that they put up the poster in the children's ward, plus some fliers for people to take home, and explain to the staff at the fracture clinic that the dricast really IS waterproof. 

Sylvia Purdie

The arm cover arrived very quickly considering I ordered it at the busiest time of the year for postage (just prior to Xmas). Got to admit initially I was skeptical about the Dricast cover but felt it was worth a shot. I did try a dry run first just getting Jordan (6 years old) just used to the sensation of the cover. Although a bit uncomfortable he willingly tried it on for a few seconds. It was a good fit size wise. Next we went out to the pool. It was much easier to put on in the pool following the instruction. I held my breath as Jordan slowly went under the water. IT WAS AMAZING.... not a drop of water got in. I couldn't believe it could work so well. I asked Jordan if the seal was hurting (which he complained about during the dry run) but when in the water he said it didn't hurt a bit and didn't feel tight. He swam for about 15-20 minutes diving under the water constantly. Jordan only used it for a few weeks (about 8 times in total) and EVERY single time not a drop of water got in and not once did he complain that it was uncomfortable. Quite amazing considering he had plaster from his fingers to under his armpit and with a big bend in the middle. You have a SUPERB product and it's reasonably priced. I was really stunned it could do what it claimed to do on your website. I wish I'd heard about it sooner and I think HEAPS of parents would buy them if they knew about them. I'm a psychologist so spend lots of time working with children and every one I come across from now on with a broken limb I'll point your way. It's a pity children's hospital staff (particularly the plasterers) don't mention your covers. Another mother mentioned it to me 2 weeks after Jordan broke his arm. Anyway, thanks so much again. I would 100% endorse your product and feel free to use this feedback on your website or in advertising. Your customer service and advice was also extremely good. Take care David and thanks again. Lindy Devenish 
Lindy Devenish


As my wife has probably told you we discovered Dricast as I was waiting for admission to have the bones of my left ankle fused. The operation took place at an Orthopedic Clinic of the Royal Price Alfred Hospital, Sydney. However, there was a huge element of luck involved with the discovery; we simply happened to be sitting opposite a notice board with that seemed to be a Dricast advertisement on an A4 size sheet. The operation was performed on Monday 6th December and I was transferred to the main part of RPAH which is 500 metres from the Orthopedic Clicnic. I was discharged on Thursday 9th December. Prior to my discharge I enquired about Dricast and was met with blank looks. None of the staff had heard of it. What I was given were pink plastic bags and a roll of tape. But, I got home, my wife accessed the Dricast website and the result was a AL2 delivered by post on Wednesday afternoon. I gave it a test drive yesterday mornining and it performed brilliantly. I have no idea what steps you have taken to make Dricast known and available in Australia. However, I suggest that the hospitals Occupational Therapists (OTs) may be the way to go, sending them information on hard copy for display (on more than just one notice board) and distribution to patients plus DVDs for their own education. Patience and persistence will be needed to cut into the OTs standard format of dealing with patients, but once you have gained their attention Dricast should be part of their standard procedure. Yours faithfully, Paul D  
Paul D


I'm a 78 year old male that has had two toes amputated on my left foot, the wound turned Necrotic so a second operation was required and as summer was just around the corner last year I tried to get some sort of waterproof item so I could shower never even thinking about my passion for swimming. I could do nothing at all but get frustrated. I tried Canada, UK, USA, France, you name it I tried to get some kind of protection to no avail. The Sister at the hospital here in Australia handed me your leaflet, the rest you know of, after it arrived it was used right away I got so excited I had something that worked in the shower, I then tried it in our swimming pool 100% dryness again I cant speak high enough of your product and how watertight it is, I wouldn't try it at the beach though too abrasive I'd say, I have told my GP, my Physio and numerous other people of the Dricast. Well done NZ (that's from an Aussie too), treated right it keeps on keeping on and watertight.   Sincerely, John H Payne 
John Payne 
Satisfied Australian Customer


I am an avid swimmer in the ocean in Summer, Autumn and Spring and seem to get wounds and ulcers a lot because of my thin skin. This piece of ingenuity has given me my life back. Thank you! If you need me for testimonials, no problem! I have shown it to the nurses, who dress my wounds, from Silver Chain Nursing Assoc here (similar to District Nursing in NZ) they are intrigued also. Regards, Sue 
Suzanne K 
Satisfied Australian Customer


I just wanted to write a note to say that your product is, in one word, liberating. On 27th December 2010, I was seriously injured by a wayward car while riding my motorcycle. Among my injuries were a broken pelvis and two cervical spinal fractures which have both kept me in a wheelchair until around the end of this month. Just when I was ready to begin slowly excercising my legs in the hydrotherapy pool twoo weeks ago, a fractured wrist was diagnosed (which has been missed until then). Suddenly, without ever stepping in the pool, I had a cast on my arm and the opportunity of hydro was taken away. I asked the hospital physio about something to cover the cast and I got a shaking head in return. Yeah, I'll admit I was pissed off at this point, what after everything else and all. I did my own looking around and found your products. On Tuesday 1st March I ordered the Dricast AA1 and it arrived in my hospital room today, Monday 7th March. I was pretty impressed. In fact, so was the hospital warden, who had come in to give me the package. I made her stay while I opened it, and I wanted her to see what I was quite sure would be an impressive product. After I ceased with the very funny condom jokes, I had a serious discussion with her about the Dricast cover and we fitted it with ease. She asked me how much it cost, where I ordered it from, and agreed that it would be covered by the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) as well. She too was impressed and said she'd mention it to similar patients.
Matthew Zammit
Satisfied Australian Customer


Just wanted to let you know that the Dricast covers arrived just in time, we flew out that night. We are now in Dubai and the covers are AWESOME!!! Yesterday Lucy spent 2 hours in the water sliding down every water slide and down the rapids on a tube and not a drop of water on her cast. I bought 2 covers thinking we might have to change them over, but one worked a treat. Given the alternative of Lucy not being able to enter the water during our 3 1/2 week holiday in 30 degree heat, they have been an absolute blessing. Cheers, Jody
Jody A