About Us

We believe it is vital for NZ to support NZ made products and businesses! 

Our products were proudly devised and tested in NZ.
100% of the manufacturing, sales and distribution is undertaken in NZ by NZ businesses. 


The Dricast reusable waterproof cover was devised in the early 1990's due to a member of the inventors family breaking their leg and experiencing the all too familiar difficulty and awkwardness in showering or bathing.

After the first hand experience of the painful and often embarrassing process (assistance when showering/bathing) the Dricast reusable waterproof cover product range was developed, a patent secured and marketing and selling commenced.

The product was further developed to allow the user to swim. This enables those unfortunately afflicted with a cast, bandage or wound that cannot become wet to continue swimming either for enjoyment or while undertaking hydrotherapy rehabilitation.

Now people are able to shower, bath and swim with far greater ease during their recuperation period.