DRICAST Waterproof Cast Covers

Shower with your cast throughout your recovery

DRICAST Waterproof Cast Covers

Continue to swim with your cast throughout your rehab

DRICAST Waterproof Cast Covers

Don't let your cast stop you enjoying the surf all summer long.

DRICAST Waterproof Cast Covers

Continue to enjoy a bath with your cast

Dricast Waterproof Cast covers


The Dricast has been amazing. I am so glad the physio gave me the pamphlet. My 3 year old son showers in it every night and even went swimming in it at the family gathering on boxing day. Particularly in summer it is so good that he can join in the water activities too. I'm sure it will get even more use when we spend time at the lake this week. 

Renae J

I have used it and have to say I am impressed. It has enabled me to have showers while keeping the cast on my leg dry. It is very useful indeed.

Wyatt Creech - Former Deputy Prime Minister, NZ

Thank you for sending me a Dricast to use for my 6 year old son who fractured his forearm a few days before a Queensland holiday. Although it was too long, it worked brilliantly and he was able to swim in surf and pool daily for the two weeks. I have since passed it on to our practice nurse who has been using it for her 7 year old boy enabling him to shower and hot pool swim. I will certainly feel confident recommending your product to patients with casts.

Sheril-Ann Wilson