Fitting Instructions

Either follow the instructional video below or the step by step instructions below.



Step by step instructions to fitting a Dricast cover:


Step 1  Lightly dust inside of cover with talcum powder. This helps absorb any moisture that may be inside from condensation etc.

As it will remain in the cover, this will only be necessary on the first use and occasionally throughout the duration of it's use. 



Step 2  Fold the top 1/2 (half) of the cover down over the bottom 1/2 (half) of the cover


Step 3  Fold the opening over a couple of times to avoid potential tearing.


Step 4  Carefully place your cast into the cover at the fold.


Pull top half up over cast

Step 5 Carefully pull top half up over the rest of the cast. 


Step 6 Ensure seal is smooth onto skin above the cast and seals tightly to avoid water entering.  There should be a tight smooth seal of approx 2 cm onto the skin above the cast/body area.


Step 7  If using for swimming, place a finger between the seal and skin as submerging body part into the water to allow air to escape. Remove finger before fully submerged (so no water enters).